World of Warcraft: Shadowlands screenshot for 9.2's protoform synthesis

[Update]: World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' final major Update 9.2 - Eternity's End has now been unleashed!

In sharp contrast to Patch 9.1 that took seemingly forever to arrive, World of Warcraft's Patch 9.2 - Eternity's End will be launching the very next week, on February 22nd or 23rd depending on your region. It'll bring with it Zareth Mortis as a brand new map to explore, a lengthy new raid with 11 bosses to endlessly die against, the return of tier sets, as well as a new progression system that will let you slowly decipher the language of the First Ones.

The update will also bring with it a new Torghast wing to explore, a wide array of new pets, mounts and cosmetic items to collect, along with the ability to finally equip two legendary items at once! And for the first time in Shadowlands, there will also be a brand new Maldraxxus arena accompanying the third PvP season.

There are far too many changes and additions to easily summarize, and this is before even diving into the number-based tweaks, so make sure to head on over to the official patch notes to learn all of the details. Blizzard has done a pretty good job of separating everything into their own categories, so the whole thing is thankfully not as messy as it might sound.

As for the future, it's also worth mentioning that Patch 9.2.5 will bring cross-faction dungeons, raids and rated PvP at some point in the future. The exact details have not been announced just yet given that it's still a work in progress, but outside of there not being any way to join cross-realm guilds, the new system is already looking mighty exciting!

Once more information becomes available, as well as when Patch 9.2 - Eternity's End lands onto the live servers, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, I'll leave you with the Patch 9.2 survival guide. Enjoy!