World of Warcraft: Classic official artwork for Onyxia

[Update]: World of Warcraft: Classic is apparently so popular that Blizzard has now greatly increased the population cap on all realms in order to combat extreme queue times.

After what feels like an eternal wait, World of Warcraft: Classic has now released in full. However, getting to actually play it is not exactly a simple task. Most of the servers currently have queue times exceeding two hours, with the bigger servers sometimes even doubling that. As it turns out, WoW Classic is just a little bit more popular than Blizzard initially expected!

So while I unfortunately cannot speed the queue up, I can help you pass a bit of time by sharing the recently posted developer video. It's essentially a group of the original developers messing around with WoW Classic and discussing some of their creations and favorite experiences. Have a gander, it's a pretty fun video:

Personally, I love every single chance to peek behind the curtains of game development and see just how things were designed, so I really do hope Blizzard will release more of these videos in the future as well. There's just something thoroughly entertaining about watching talented and passionate people talk about their work, especially if the topic is also something you found yourself quite enthralled with! 

Whether more of these videos will actually come, I'm afraid I have no idea, but you can follow any further developer updates over at the WoW website.