World of Warcraft's Battle for Azeroth expansion official artwork

After having us destroy the greatest threat the universe has ever seen, World of Warcraft is now getting ready to take things down a few notches by having the primary focus of the upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion be about the constant conflict between the Horde and Alliance. After all, it is high time we've reached a decision on whether putting spikes on literally every available surface is a good idea or not!

In gameplay terms, however, the August 14th expansion will bring with it a massive new area to explore, six new Allied Races with unique storylines and racial bonuses, the ability to group up and investigate uncharted islands, and perhaps most interestingly of all, a new large-scale PvP mode that will let you build and defend your own fortresses in strategic locations. Naturally, there will also be a bunch of new dungeons to conquer, raids to endlessly bash your head against, and thousands of quests to undergo.

If you would like to give all of this a try for yourself before the Battle for Azeroth expansion even launches, you should go and opt-in for the closed beta. You're not guaranteed to get in, especially in the first few waves as there's going to be a lot of people trying to do the same, but the whole signing up process takes only a minute so it's well worth a try regardless.

You can learn more about Battle for Azeroth and its various features by heading over to the official website. If you're just looking for the short version, however, I'll leave you with one of the recent previews. Enjoy!