Witcher 3 Blood and Wine mushrooms

With the Blood and Wine DLC set for May 31st CDPR has decided to do a patch solely dedicated to quality of life changes, bug fixes, and other such minor improvements that swiftly add up in terms of enjoyment.

The most notable of these additions is a little book titled "A Miraculous Guide to Gwent" which display the number of Gwent cards missing from your collection, and most importantly, where you can go to find them! Since Blood and Wine is bringing in a whole bunch of new Gwent cards this would be the perfect opportunity to finish up your collection and secure your title as the reigning Gwent champion in all of the Northern kingdoms.

For those among you that enjoy reading the in-game books you will be glad to hear that they can now be read instantly after your pick them up, no more fiddling through the inventory! There's also numerous changes related to gameplay balance, as well as the ability to upscale weaker enemies so that the end-game isn't such a steamroll, which to me is a most welcome addition given how easy The Witcher 3 can get on occasion.

You can find the full patch notes by heading over here, and if you're wondering when Update 1.20 is set to release, the answer would be a couple of hours ago.