The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine features some lovely graphics

Blood and Wine will be the second, and unfortunately final major expansion for The Witcher 3, and if that wasn't bad enough its also set to be the last journey Geralt of Rivia will accompany us on before he goes on a well deserved vacation.

The good news, however, is that from all of the trailers, previews, and screenshots released so far it seems to be an adventure worthy of a famed monster slayer! The same applies to the recently posted trailer, which for some reason is called the "launch trailer" even though the release date is set for next week. Pointless nitpicking aside, here's the rather intriguing trailer with a... peculiar choice in music:


They've only showed them for a couple of seconds, but the more observant monster hunters among you probably noticed a couple of enemies coming back from The Witcher 1. The first ones are those giant centipede that I don't remember ever posing much of a problem, but the damnable Barghests bring back a whole lot of memories, and a whole lot of nightmares. I must have died a dozen times on those canine bastards before I figured out what I was doing. Hopefully I'll fare better this time around!

Blood and Wine will be releasing on May 31 for all platforms, and don't worry, it won't have a horribly out of place metal soundtrack blaring at all times.