Witcher 3 lighting mod makes an already beautiful game even prettier

There have been other attempts at re-doing The Witcher 3's lighting, even different versions of this same mod, but it wasn't until this version that I've been properly impressed.

Today's update of the "Super Turbo Lighting Mod" along with the release of its trailer has convinced me that when I once again get Geralt back in the saddle its going to be with some even better visuals than the vanilla game could muster, and that's no easy feat.


Interestingly enough, from all of the reports I've gathered over at Nexus Mods it doesn't appear that the mod is even remotely taxing on your rig as I imagined it would. If I had to guess that would be because its playing around with the settings for the already existing lighting rather than creating anything new but whatever the reason its a good thing its light, no pun intended.

I've talked about this in my showcase of the realistic GTA mod but a lot of the value these graphic enhancing mods bring is in the eye of the beholder so I'd suggest you carefully look over the trailer and decide whether this is something you would want to play for long periods of time with BEFORE you decide to go through the whole procedure of installing the mod, realizing something broke, fixing that and then finally starting up the game only to realize you're not a fan.

With that said, the mod is not large at all, sizing up at 271KB so if you feel like experimenting at least it won't take you all day to download it. As far as compatibility is concerned STLM 2 should work fine with any mod that doesn't mess with the lighting or weather system so you should be in the clear with most mods.