A realistic looking car in GTA V.

I say aims because I don't believe its quite there yet. A lot of the images look overly dark, as if the contrast has been turned way up in order to bring out the colors.

Then again I am fully aware different people like different things so don't take my opinion as fact. Instead, allow me to show you a couple of images as well as where you can grab the mod from and you can see for yourself.

[Update from a few months later]: The mod's official page is now down so the links are no longer functional. You'll have to google around and see if anyone saved the installation file.

The most important part first, you can grab the mod right here. Do note that the mod is about 1 Gig large so if you have a slow connection it might take you a while to get it.

Before you even begin thinking of installing this mod, or any other, make sure to backup your entire GTA V folder. Odds are nothing will go wrong but you don't want to be that guy/gal that ends up with a completely broken game they then have to re-download. Also you will need both the latest version of GTA V as well as OpenIV, a PC editor for GTA V.

As far as the images are concerned here are a couple of examples, mind you these are downscaled to fit this article so if you want the truly huge and detailed images head over to the mod's gallery page.

A good looking pond in GTA V

An overly dark street in GTA V

Do you see what I mean now? They just seem so dark even in the middle of day. Don't get me wrong though, some of these images look really stunning, especially the water in the little pond above but I just feel it would've looked even better if you could see it properly.

While this mod isn't for me I still appreciate the effort modders go through in order to get the game to look like they feel is best. To me GTA V doesn't really need one of these mods but what I would really like graphically updated is Fallout 4, that game has some really poor textures.