WildStar screenshot of a trio of enemies walking towards the player

Time and time again Carbine Studios have attempted to breathe new life into WildStar, but unfortunately even transitioning to a free-to-play model did little to help the struggling MMORPG. And now, four years after its original launch, I am saddened to announce that both WildStar and its developers Carbine Studios have closed down their doors for good.

"Carbine would like to thank all of the players who made planet Nexus such a special place over the last four and a half years," reads the brief farewell message. "We will always remember you."

While I won't pretend I'm a big fan of WildStar, I do at least have to give Carbine a shoutout for the work they've put into the raids and dungeons. If not for the extremely convoluted attunement process and some other questionable design decisions, those two pieces of content could've easily carried WildStar through some of its more turbulent months. I can only hope the developers will soon manage to find employment elsewhere as I would love to see them expand upon those concepts.

Should NCsoft announce anything new regarding WildStar I'll make sure to let you know, but sadly this is most likely the last we'll ever hear of it. Well, unless someone decides to bring up private servers a few years down the line anyway.