WildStar screenshot of some rather menacing enemies

While the original version of WildStar was quite an interesting new MMO, it unfortunately launched with some major flaws that ended up scaring away both the casual and hardcore parts of the playerbase - a blow WildStar has just never managed to recover from. And now, four years after launch, I am saddened to announce that WildStar will be closing down its doors for good on November 28th.

"We are truly grateful for the vibrant community that grew around WildStar, and for all of your support throughout the life of this game," reads the rather heartfelt developer update. "Our hope is that in these last couple months we can all celebrate the great adventures you’ve had on Planet Nexus—and have some fun along the way."

"Again, a most heartfelt thank you goes out from all of us to you for sharing this wild, intergalactic ride with us, and to helping make WildStar an experience that truly could not have been possible without you. Thank you."

In order to make this last few weeks as memorable as possible, the developers have issued a new update that has made it easier to acquire some of the rarest and most prestigious items in the game. They have also greatly increased the frequency of in-game events, so if you ever wanted to experience everything WildStar has to offer, this would be an excellent time to do just that as almost all of the grinding has been stripped away. So while it is a real shame that WildStar is closing down its doors, at least it will be doing so by providing players with one last epic adventure!

You can learn more about WildStar's cancellation, as well as how you can check out the game yourself, by visiting the official website.