MultiVersus artwork for the cross-over fighting game starring Shaggy and Batman

[Update #2]: MultiVersus' Season 1 update has just added the first Battle Pass, while Rick & Morty will be coming soon.

[Update]: MultiVersus has now launched in full, and alongside a rather spectacular player count!

If you're a fan of Super Smash Bros. inspired fighting games, you might be interested to hear that Warner Bros.' is working on a cross-over madhouse by the name of MultiVersus. To put it quite simply, MultiVersus is a primarily 2v2 platform fighter where characters like Batman, Superman, Bugs Bunny, Jake the Dog, Shaggy and even Arya Stark get to smash each other over the head with a large array of ridiculous attacks.

Since words alone can't exactly do the concept justice, allow me to share with you the official trailer. Have a gander, it's quite the sight to behold:

While the open beta will be going live in July, you can give MultiVersus a try beforehand by signing up for the upcoming Closed Alpha. It'll run from May 19th to May 27th, and will bring with it a good chunk of characters, maps and game modes to play around with. So while things are likely to be a bit unpolished given that it's still an alpha, even this early version of MultiVersus should still be a good bit of fun.

You can sign up for the alpha, as well as learn more about MultiVersus and its future, over at the official website. Good luck with the alpha key!