MultiVersus artwork of the various Season 1 characters fighting

[Update #2]: MultiVersus Patch 1.03 has added Rick Sanchez and doubled exp requirements for early character levels

[Update]: MultiVersus Patch 1.01 has now added Morty alongside a brand new batch of balance changes.

In an effort to the keep the momentum going from its monumentally successful launch, the MultiVersus team has now unleashed a chunky update. The freshly launched Season 1 brings with it an assortment of balance changes, two new game modes (Classic Arcade & Ranked), the very first Battle Pass, as well as teasers for four new characters: Morty, Rick, Black Adam and Stripe.

The exact details for the four characters are still few and far between, but what I can tell you is that Morty will be joining the madhouse on August 23rd as the first (and likely only) Plumbus-wielding bruiser. Rick, Black Adam and Stripe will all be coming at a later date, though given that Rick actually has a character portrait unlike the other two, I'd say it's highly likely that he's going to be the next one in line after Morty.

As for the Battle Pass, it has been separated into a free and paid track. On the free side of things you'll mostly get in-game currency, small cosmetics like stickers, as well as the occasional character skin. The paid track will, naturally, offer more unique rewards like character skin variants, ringouts, and XP boosts. Nothing too out of the ordinary for a Battle Pass these days.

The final thing worth mentioning are the balance changes themselves. There's far too many tweaks to succinctly summarize, so if you're interested in all of the details you can find what you seek over at the Multiversus website. To me it looks like a mostly solid update, though I'm sure there will be a fair few complaints about some of the nerfed characters like the Iron Giant.

Whatever your thoughts on the changes may be, I hope you have fun with the new season, and I'll make sure to let you know once Morty finally stumbles into the arena!