Warhammer: Vermintide 2 screenshot of Bardin fighting against Chaos forces

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 arrived on PC merely two days ago, and already the developers have detailed their plans for the future! As promised during the lead-up to launch, one of the first major updates will bring with it the much-needed dedicated servers. So if you're sick and tired of watching hosts kick their entire party mid-mission, or just getting hit by enemies you clearly dodged due to high ping, you'll have to wait for a little while but salvation is definitely on its way.

If you're itching for even more content, however, you'll be glad to hear that Fatshark has announced that they are putting the finishing touches on mod support. I'm not exactly sure what you'll be able to tweak with the new tools, but if they are anything like the original Vermintide's it's safe to say that you'll be able to create and join matches that almost feel like an entirely different game. Whatever the case may be, the addition of mod support is going to be quite an exciting one!

For those of you that prefer official content, there will also be a steady stream of DLCs, with the first one coming in April and introducing two brand new levels. I can only hope future DLCs will add even more weapons and specializations to toy around with because that is the kind of content that will make Vermintide 2 fresh and interesting for many months to come. Once Fatshark shares more information about the April DLC I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you have plenty of maps to explore already, so don't worry too much about future content.

You can follow Vermintide 2's development moving forward, or just check out the roadmap, by heading over to the official website. And if you're wondering whether it's even worth your time and money, I would say the answer is a definite yes! You can find my detailed thoughts in the pre-release preview I did a week ago, but long story short, it is an awesome co-op game that's easy to learn yet incredibly difficult to master - just the way I like 'em!

And just for good measure, I'll leave you with the recently posted and very tabletop-inspired launch trailer. Enjoy!