Warcraft 3 screenshot of a footman from the cinematic

After spending a little bit of time on the test servers, Warcraft 3's much-anticipated Update 1.29 has now finally arrived. It brings with it support for modern widescreen resolutions, a whole host of balance changes aimed at the weakest and most problematic abilities, as well as the ability to play custom games with up to 24 players.

That last part is perhaps the most exciting once since the update has also removed a lot of the World Editor's restrictions and added even more options to fiddle with. As such, I think it's fair to say that we can expect to see Warcraft 3's already incredibly diverse custom games scene to become even more interesting. Naturally, I doubt this update is going to bring back the map-making legends of old, but thankfully there is still enough of a community left to explore the new and exciting possibilities.

Speaking of exciting possibilities, I once more have to wonder if all of this is just a prelude to an upcoming Warcraft 3 remaster. I can understand going back and making sure it runs on modern resolutions, but why go through the trouble of rebalancing a practically ancient game like Warcraft 3 if there isn't some sort of plan in place to make it relevant once more? All of this is currently pure speculation, but I really do hope I'm correct because Warcraft 3 is one of those games that could genuinely be a hit even today - it's just that unique in the RTS scene.

You can learn more about Update 1.29, as well as follow any future news, by heading over to the official forums. If the remaster gets announced, rest assured that I will cover it the moment it appears!