Warcraft 3 screenshot of the footman from the cinematic

While I love the classic RTS series such as Command & Conquer, Starcraft and Age of Empires, it is Warcraft 3 that I consider to be the very best game among them. It's combination of small armies, powerful heroes and non-stop action made it an absolute joy to play, which is why I'm very happy to say that Blizzard has just now released a new update onto the test servers!

The rather boringly named Update 1.29 has brought with it support for widescreen resolutions, the ability to play custom games with up to 24 players, revised and expanded team colors, as well as a large variety of balance changes. And if that wasn't enough, the already powerful World Editor has been expanded with a whole bunch of new options, and perhaps most importantly, with greatly increased general limits!

If you would like to give the update a try and see what sort of new strategies you can come up with, you should head on over to the Blizzard forums in order to find the download link. Before you dive in, just keep in mind that you will most likely encounter some bugs as all of the changes are still being tested.

On a slightly different note, I wonder if this is a prelude to an eventual Warcraft 3 remaster. After all, there isn't much of a reason for Blizzard to go back and attempt to rebalance a game as complex and old as Warcraft 3 without there being plans to do something with it.

I would certainly be interested since Warcraft 3 still has no equal, even 16 years after its original release! Whatever the case may be, at least we'll soon have a much more interesting and hopefully much more balanced version of Warcraft 3 to play around with, and that alone is worth celebrating!