[Update #2]: Warcraft 3: Reforged devs have shared a preview of the upcoming Player Profiles.

[Update]: The second major post-launch update has now arrived, and once again it's full of bug fixes and tweaks.

Blizzard released Warcraft 3: Reforged a little while ago, and sadly it ended up being such a disappointment that they even started offering refunds to anyone that wanted one, regardless of play time. However, there is a ray of sunshine on the horizon, as Blizzard recently announced that they are working on addressing most of the community concerns via free updates.

The first of these updates has now arrived, bringing with it some much-needed bug fixes and fairly solid improvements. The bug that would cause campaign missions to instantly end with a "defeat" screen has now been corrected, while some of the wonky animations and timings in the cinematics have been tweaked to be more in line with the original.

Speaking of which, it's also worth mentioning that this update has greatly improved the rendering on the Classic Mode. So while some of the sounds are a little bit off, the actual gameplay and character models seem to be pretty faithful to the original Warcraft 3.

Unfortunately, the performance updates have not been quite as successful, at least on my end. Despite the patch notes directly addressing the issue, I'm still suffering from completely random stutters in multiplayer matches, which is far from ideal given how micro-intensive Warcraft 3 gets during the mid-game.

Still, this is an excellent step forward, and hopefully the first of many updates that will slowly but surely make Warcraft 3: Reforged the true successor it was meant to be. Until then, you can read a little bit more about the current patch over at the Warcraft 3 forums.