Warcraft 3 official artwork showing off a footman

While I'm still uncertain why they're doing so, I am very glad to say that Blizzard has begun taking Warcraft 3 quite seriously. In the previous Update 1.29 they introduced support for modern resolutions, the ability to play custom games with up to 24 players, better matchmaking, an improved World Editor, and naturally, a whole bunch of balance changes.

As is tradition for any multiplayer game, the latest round of balance changes quickly introduced new problems and revealed long-forgotten flaws. In order to correct these issues, as well as bring all four races as close together as possible in regards to balance, Blizzard has now released Update 1.30 onto the PTR (Public Test Realm).

There are far too many changes to cover in brief, but what I will highlight is the various buffs to the Undead Acolytes which include increased hit points, hit point regeneration, armor, and even movement speed! Their exposed nature, and the fact that each loss represents a noticeable decrease in gold production, has always made them the worst Worker unit and a very obvious target for enemies that wanted to cripple the Undead economy. With these buffs, hopefully the Acolytes will have enough survivability to avoid attacks until the main Undead army can come to back them up.

All of this is just one tiny bit of the update, however, so if you're interested in all of the changes you should head on over to the official patch notes. If you would like to give all these changes a try for yourself though, you will also find the download instructional in the link above. Have fun!