Vermintide 2 5-year anniversary artwork showing Stormvermin

[Update]: Vermintide 2 is free to try out until November 1st.

The original Vermintide is currently celebrating its 5-year anniversary, and in order honor this momentous achievement, developer Fatshark has now done what they do best - ordered the players to go kill an absurdly large amount of rats! And when I say absurdly large, I really do mean that as the challenge requires Vermintide 2 players to slay 555,555,555 enemies by November 1st!

As an additional little bonus, should the community reach 300,000,005 kills before the deadline, a triple experience event will go live for all players. However, should the full goal be reached as well, you can also expect to see a second triple experience event! So if you still have some characters that need to be either geared or leveled up, you might want to start slicing up some ratmen!

Besides the bonus experience events, the anniversary update has also added The Obese Megalodon hat for everyone to unlock. All you need to do is complete a single mission before October 25th and this fancy piece of headgear will be available for all of your heroes to war. It doesn't matter what difficulty or what map you choose either - just complete a mission and you'll be able to jam a shark on your head!

The final thing worth mentioning is that A Quiet Drink, the special anniversary mission, has now made a return as well. So if you're in the mood for watching the five heroes stumble around drunkenly while exclaiming complete nonsense, I'd highly recommend giving it a bash.

Have fun, and you can read a little bit more about the anniversary event over at the Vermintide website.