Vermintide 2 screenshot of Sienna and the Beastmen

If hacking and slashing your way through untold numbers of ratmen and Chaos cultists sounds like a downright jolly time for you, I come bearing good news. As a part of Vermintide's 5-year anniversary celebration, Fatshark has now unleashed an extended free weekend for Vermintide 2!

And when I say extended, I really do mean that as Vermintide 2 will be entirely free-to-play until November 1st! Simply head on over to Steam, click on that giant green button, and you'll be practically covered in rats in no time!

It's also worth mentioning that Fatshark is currently holding a community challenge. Should players managed to slay 300,000,005 by November 1st, Fatshark will unleash a triple experience event - perfect for leveling up new characters and getting them geared for some of the higher difficulty levels. If the players manage to go on a rampage and clean out at least 555,555,555 enemies, Fatshark will activate another triple experience event, just for good measure. Getting there is going to be a bit rough, but with the free trial now live, anything is possible!

You can learn more about Vermintide's 5-year anniversary celebration, as well as the game itself, over at the official website. Have fun with the free week, and for now I'll leave you with one of the fancier trailers: