Vermintide 2 artwork for the Winds of Magic expansion without the full logo

[Update]: Fatshark has now released a lengthy developer update detailing their plans for the Winds of Magic expansion, as well as the future of Vermintide 2.

While its initial few months were riddled with problems, Vermintide 2 has slowly but surely transformed itself into a phenomenal game. The only real problem I have with it these days is that through the process of rebalancing weapons and making the enemies more consistent, Vermintide 2 has also become a bit too easy on the highest difficult setting.

With that in mind, I am delighted to say that Fatshark has now announced a brand new expansion - Winds of Magic! Not only will Winds of Magic bring with it a raised level cap and an even higher difficulty setting, but it will also add the Bestmen as an entirely new faction, as well as a variety of new weapons to toy around with.

Perhaps most importantly, when it comes to the end-game content anyway, Fatshark has also announced a new game mode - the titular Winds of Magic. While the details are still few and far between, the Winds of Magic mode will have you wonder across both randomized and pre-set levels, fighting numerous bosses and completing new objectives as you push ever-forward. Naturally, the difficulty will be increasing as you progress, while the maps themselves will start getting a variety of modifiers themed after the Winds of Magic in order to spice things up.

I would love to tell you more as I'm genuinely curious myself, but I'm afraid that's everything Fatshark was willing to share so far. What I can tell you, however, is that Vermintide 2: Winds of Magic will be coming at some point in 2019, though no exact release date has been given just yet.

You can learn more about Winds of Magic, as well as follow its development moving forward, over at Steam.