Vermintide 2 screenshot of a Slayer fighting against Chaos

Vermintide 2's Update 1.1 brought in a whole bunch of new cosmetics, as well as daily quests and challenges with major rewards behind them. While the challenges were and still are a pretty nifty addition, a good portion of them were unfortunately impossible to complete on launch. You probably already know the ones I'm talking about: pushing Gutter Runners off allies and mid-flight, killing Blightstormers while they're channeling, and killing a Ratling Gunner while they're pinning your ally. Thankfully, all of those issues have now been fixed!

Perhaps more interestingly, this update has also removed the highly controversial Red Shell tracker. It's intended use is to give developers information about the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, but given that it's a third-party software people were rightly worried that their private information could end up in the wrong hands. Well, you no longer need to worry about that as Fatshark has now decided to remove the Red Shell tracker entirely.

The final thing worth mentioning is that Fatshark has now brought back the "Power Vs Chaos" and "Power vs Skaven" combination on Charms. It was removed because it was deemed too powerful, but given that a good portion of the playerbase already has said stats available from previous items, they just opted to bring it back. Personally, I don't consider the combination to be particularly powerful since very few weapons require both, so I am quite pleased to see it back.

You can read all of the details over at the official website.