Vermintide 2 screenshot of Sienna and a whole bunch of Beastmen

[Update]: A brand new update has now arrived, and as expected, it has nerfed the Beastmen even further.

A little while ago Vermintide 2 received it's biggest expansion yet - Winds of Magic. It brought with it the Beastmen as a brand new faction to face off against, as well as a plethora of changes to the combat, enemy behavior and overall weapon balance.

Unfortunately, while Winds of Magic had the right idea, the implementation of many of these features left a lot to be desired. The Beastmen were somewhat irritating to fight due to hard-to-read animations, enemy behavior had a variety of bugs that made enemies attack almost instantly upon spawning, while the numerous tweaks to the weapons had brought back the infamous 'phantom hits' bug from ages past.

So in order to get everything nice and tidy again, Fatshark has now released a fairly hefty update. You can find the full list of changes over at Steam, but long story short, most of the major bugs have been fixed, while the Beastmen have received yet another balance pass in order to make them a lot more enjoyable to fight. There might not be much in terms of new content, but from my experience so far, the new fixes have done a great job in making Vermintide 2's combat feel both fair and challenging.

As for the new content, nothing has been officially announced just yet, but a fair few hidden DLCs and beta updates have been uncovered on Steam, which indicates that the long-awaited cosmetic patch is just around the corner. So if you're like me and you're itching to finally get your hands on the lovely Weave weapon skins, it seems that we won't have to wait for too long!

Until then, however, have fun slapping around the newly improved Beastmen!