Vermintide 2 screenshot of Huntsman Kruber

[Update]: The beta update has now been released in full, though sadly without the Huntsman rework.

Out of all the ranged classes in the Vermintide 2, the Huntsman is currently the only one without a clear identity. On paper he's supposed to be the heavy-hitter, the one that can clean out an entire patrol full of Chaos Warriors without breaking a sweat. In reality, however, the whole career is a bit of an unfocused mess with talents dragging it in entirely different directions.

In order to correct this, as well as make the Huntsman a lot more fun to play, Fatshark has now reworked some of its core talents and mechanics as a part of the upcoming Big Balance update. First and foremost, the Huntsman now has a brand new passive ability that makes it so every 50 meters traveled gives him a stack of Sure Shot that makes the next ranged hit count as a headshot.

This alone is already a massive change given that Sure Shot can stack up to 10 times, which combined with genuine headshots not reducing the stack count, means the Huntsman can finally be the ranged powerhouse Kruber always wanted it to be. Even on Cataclysm difficulty, I honestly can't see even a sudden patrol surviving an encounter with a Huntsman that's fully stacked, because that is a lot of headshots flying out!

Besides the new passive, the Huntsman's talents have been reshuffled in order to better synergize with the new playstyle, as well as to offer some actual competing choices in each row. There's far too many numbers to cover in brief, so if you're curious about the Huntsman rework, you should head on over to the Vermintide 2 website.

If you don't care about the details and want to just dive in head-first, you're in luck as these changes are already live on the beta. So simply swap to the "balance_beta_summer_2020" update on Steam, go through the brief download, and you'll be ready to gun down hordes of ratmen in no time. Enjoy!