Vermintide 2 screenshot of Against the Grain at night

In order to celebrate Vermintide 2's latest milestone, more than two million copies sold, developer Fatshark has now announced that Vermintide 2 will be getting a lot more content throughout this year. While no details have been given just yet, the first of these major updates will be arriving this March 8th.

If you're willing to indulge a bit of speculation, I would say that this content update will likely bring with it the third map-based DLC. Fatshark said a while back that they are working on both original and remastered Vermintide 1 maps, and with the Back to Ubersreik DLC already here and accounted for, this only leaves the brand new maps. If this does end up being the case, I can only hope March 8th will continue the current trend and bring out some extremely well designed maps!

The second most likely scenario is that this will be the long-awaited deed rework. Deeds have been pretty much forgotten since Vermintide 2 first launched, and with the Legend difficulty becoming easier and easier with each update, reworking the deeds would certainly be a positive thing for everyone involved. This goes doubly so if Fatshark intertwines them with the daily/weekly system, as that way we'll always have a bunch of new challenges and rewards to strive for.

Whatever the case may be, I'll make sure to give you all of the details once Fatshark finally unveils their big secret. Until then, I would highly recommend you dive back into Vermintide 2 as the latest updates have made it into a truly spectacular game. Have fun!