Vermintide 2 screenshot of Against the Grain at night

After around a month of rigorous testing, Vermintide 2's "Big Balance Beta" update has now made its way to the live servers as Patch 1.3. As the title would suggest, Patch 1.3 has tweaked and improved pretty much all aspects of Vermintide 2's gameplay - everything from weapon balance to enemy behavior.

More specifically: enemies will no longer slide around while attacking or attempt to do instant 180° turns, all temporary health talents have been reworked in order to reward more aggressive playstyles, all bottom-tier weapons have received numerous improvements and are now actually fun to use, the power difference between melee and ranged weapons has finally been equalized, and the list goes on for quite a while.

There are far too many changes for me to cover in brief, so if you're interested in all of the details you should head on over to the official website. What I will say is that this update is exactly what Vermintide 2 needed. It not only made it so there's no sub-par weapon combinations, but it also made the actual gameplay incredibly smooth and fair, which is exactly what you should want your rat-slaying to be like!

So if you haven't played Vermintide 2 in a while, or if you've never even heard of the game before, I would highly recommend you give the new update a look. And if you belong to the latter group, you might be interested to hear that Vermintide 2 is currently 50% off on Steam

The final thing worth mentioning is that Vermintide 2 will soon be getting the Back to Ubersreik DLC. All of the details have not been revealed just yet, but what I can tell you is that the DLC will bring remastered versions of three classic Vermintide maps at a $10 price, and that one of these maps will be the always lovely Horn of Magnus. Once more information comes to light I'll make sure to let you know, but until then I wish you the best of luck with the new and improved Vermintide 2!