Vermintide 2 screenshot of Sienna and Beastmen in the Winds of Fire Weave

As a part of the recent (and entirely free) Chaos Wastes expansion, Vermintide 2 has added Expeditions as a brand new rogue-lite game mode. While the concept itself is fairly simple, the combination of new maps, randomized traits and an even greater set of challenges has made Expeditions some of the most exciting content Vermintide 2 has ever seen!

In fact, Expeditions have ended up being so popular that Vermintide 2's playerbase has spiked to levels not seen since its launch three years ago! In order to celebrate this momentous occasion, as well as push those numbers even higher, Fatshark has now launched a surprise free weekend.

So if you're in the mood for slicing and dicing your way through hordes of ratmen and Chaos cultists, simply head on over to Steam and you'll be ready to go after a bit of a download. As for the duration of the free weekend, it should come as little shock to hear that it will be ending on Monday. And just to make things even better, Vermintide 2 will be 75% off until May 4th.

Before you dive in it's also worth mentioning that I recently did an extended preview of the Chaos Wastes and the new rogue-lite Expeditions mode. So if you're looking to learn a little bit more about the expansion and all of the new content before starting your own adventure, I'd welcome you to check it out.

Either way, I hope you have fun with the free weekend!