Vermintide 2 screenshot of the new Grail Knight career

[Update]: The Grail Knight has now arrived, and as expected, he's pretty darn fun to play.

This June 23rd Vermintide 2 will be getting a rather significant update. Not only will it add the long-awaited weather and lighting variations to all of the outdoors maps, but it will also introduce the very first DLC career - Kruber as a Grail Knight!

If you know anything about the Warhammer lore, however, the presence of the Grail Knight career is likely to be quite puzzling. I say this because Grail Knights are exclusively Bretonnian, and they're a result of a lifelong quest for justice, chivalry, and the favor of the godlike Lady of the Lake. It's not exactly something you can just become after a drunken night out at the town, especially not as a Sigmar-worshiping Empire citizen like Kruber.

So in order to explain how exactly all of this has happened, as well as give Kruber a bit more depth, Fatshark has now released a short story about Kruber's origins. Without spoiling anything, you can read the full tale over at the Vermintide website.

Once you're done with the story, you should also check out the brief cinematic trailer highlighting Kruber's transformation. It unfortunately doesn't feature an outrageously French accent, but Fatshark has assured us that there will be some lines where "Kruber attempts at speaking in the ways of his forefathers!" Anyway, here's the video:

You can keep an eye on Vermintide 2 moving forward, as well as grab the Grail Knight DLC once it goes live, over at Steam.