Vermintide 2 screenshot of the Halloween nighttime version of Against the Grain

It would appear that Fatshark has been quite busy this past month or two. Just recently they have released a beta update that has reworked, rebalanced or simply fixed the vast majority of weapons, careers and enemies, and now they have also released a Halloween update that transforms all of the daytime maps into much spookier nighttime ones.

While it doesn't change the gameplay in any significant way, the addition of these new map variations is definitely a welcome one in my eyes. The atmosphere is almost entirely different at night, especially when you're sneaking through the giant fields in Against the Grain while lit only by the green light of the cursed moon - a perfect combination with the recent change that made the eyes of the enemies glow in the darkness!

As for the actual Halloween event itself, I'm afraid it's a bit on the mediocre side. The keep has been redecorated and there is a new trophy room to show off your conquests in, both of which I fully approve of, but there is simply no new challenge to undertake or fancy cosmetic to collect. To be fair, there is a profile border and two in-game loot boxes you can obtain by winning 10 Legend difficulty games, but as far as Halloween events go, those aren't exactly the most inspired rewards.

To end all of this on a positive note, it is worth mentioning that the Halloween update has also brought with it a variety of bug fixes, independent of the upcoming beta patch. You can read more about them, as well as the Halloween update itself, by visiting Steam. Have fun smacking rats around!