Vermintide 2 Sienna screenshot in a blazing inferno

[Update #2]: The beta update has now been released in full, though sadly without the Huntsman rework.

[Update]: The Big Balance Beta has now also brought in a rework to the Huntsman career.

After a rather long period of no significant balance changes, Fatshark has recently (and rather suddenly) launched the appropriately titled Big Balance Beta. The new update reworked just about every single underpowered weapon, greatly expanded the amount of end-game viable builds, as well as tweaked a variety of talents.

However, while some of the talent changes have successfully created more compelling choices for players to puzzle over, they have unfortunately also replaced some fan-favorites that have been around for quite a while now. In order to correct this, as well as bring in a new batch of changes, Fatshark has now once again updated the Big Balance Beta.

The Footknight's talents have been reworked a second time in order to provide a clear choice between defense and offense, Ranger Veteran can now once again chuck a bomb for free with each ultimate use, while the Handmaiden's somewhat misguided changes have mostly been reverted, though with a bit of extra oomph to them.

While unrelated to any specific hero, the Big Balance Beta has also buffed critical strikes in order for them to appear more consistently, as well as made it so damage reduction effects now stack multiplicatively rather than additively. While that might sound complicated, the whole point is to open up the design space and allow for more sources of damage reduction without making it so players can become practically invincible.

You can read more about these changes, as well as check out the Big Balance Beta yourself, over at the Vermintide website. Have fun, it really is a solid batch of changes!