PC version of Vanquish screenshot

The PC version of Vanquish is by all accounts a great port, but it does suffer from a couple of issues. Much like the majority of games that were never designed for uncapped frame rates, Vanquish starts getting a little bit weird at higher FPS. In gameplay terms this means that some players have drastically reduced health regeneration, while at the same time a much smaller invincibility window, which as you would expect makes the game ridiculously hard in all the wrong ways.

Thankfully, there is a beta patch available. There is currently a holiday in the UK so the developers didn't have time to thoroughly test it, but if you're suffering from these types of issues you might as well check it out given that the reception is so far extremely positive. As for what exactly the patch changes, here's the full list:

• Fixed an issue with invincibility frame timing (which sometimes allowed the player to get hit more frequently at higher frame rates).

• Fixed an issue with health regeneration at higher frame rates.

• Fixed an issue when resetting to default on the options menu.

• Fixed an issue with video cutscenes skipping early for some players.

• Fixed an animation issue when sliding backwards and aiming using keyboard and mouse.

• Adjusted cutscene audio volume.

You can download the beta patch by heading over to Vanquish in your Steam Library. From there you will need to right click it and access "Properties", go to the "Betas" tab, and then input the "PatchBetaTest" password. After you do that the download will automatically begin, but if it doesn't just try and restart Steam. That usually fixes the problem. Good luck!