Vanquish screenshot from the PC version on Steam

Following the successful PC port and remaster of Bayonetta PlatinumGames' has just released their sci-fi action shooter Vanquish onto Steam as well. It comes with the usual batch of Steam features such as cloud saves and trading cards, as well as support for 4K resolution, unlocked framerates, and enhanced PC graphical options that let you control and tweak nearly everything.

If you're not sure what in the world Vanquish even is, you'll find the recently posted teaser trailer right below. Its not overly long, and it doesn't really go in-depth, but it should give you a damn good idea of what kind of a game Vanquish really is. Have a look:

I haven't had the time to play Vanquish myself, but from all of the reviews posted so far it appears to be just as good of a port as Bayonetta! That said, you should keep in mind that Vanquish is not an extremely long game, so only grab it if you're looking to 'waste' a couple of hours by blowing up absolutely everything in sight! You can learn more by either visiting Steam or the official website. Enjoy!