Valve's Steam Controller

While the Steam Machines have ended up mostly forgotten by the general public the controllers designed for them seem to still be going strong. So strong in fact that Valve have recently announced a brand new milestone for the Steam Controller, one that proudly displays over half a million devices sold.

In order to celebrate this momentous achievement Valve have released a brand new update for the Steam Controller that brings with it support for rumble features, VR compatibility (including the ability to use it for motion controls, or as a steering wheel), as well as numerous quality of life changes.

As for the controller itself, its certainly a strange beast. It resides somewhere in the middle-ground between a standard gamepad and a mouse & keyboard setup, and while it doesn't reach the same levels of precision as a quality mouse I found it to be surprisingly effective at playing 4X strategy games. Whether its a device you should concern yourself with, I can't really tell you, but its not a bad piece of tech and its certainly worth the consideration if you're hunting for a new controller.

Also, if you ever wanted to make your own official Steam Controller, well... you can! Back in March Valve released their complete 3D designs for the Steam Controller, so if you ever wanted to try your hand at making some accessories, or even a custom variant of the controller itself, you now have all of the materials to do so.

Valve's Steam Controller schematic