Create and design your very own Steam Controller

In a bit of an unexpected announcement Valve have released the mechanical CAD geometry for the Steam Controller, so if you ever wanted to make accessories or variations, now's your chance.

In order to help you get a hang of the concept Valve have also released their design for two variants of the Battery Door that allows you to carry your USB wireless receiver with you. 

Here are all the main files you will need, though be warned, its a decently large download (800 MB). The archive contains several eDrawings viewer files: from Creo Express and native Modeling, to neutral exchange and 3D print files – for compatibility with a wide variety of your design tools.

And here's the first variant of the Battery Door concept where the dongle is able to fit in to the controller itself.

First concept for the Battery Door on the Steam controller

In the second variant of the Battery Door the USB receiver plugs in to a bump at the bottom of the controller.

Second concept for the Battery Door on the Steam Controller

You are completely free to mess around with any of these files, create and print your own controller or accessories, and use them as you wish. The one limitation Valve put in place is that if you ever decide to sell your invention you will have to go through them for licensing first.

If you run in to some model related issues that only Valve themselvs can help you out with, contact them at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.