Dota Underlords official artwork and logo

[Update]: The balance patch has now arrived, and as expected, it's a pretty exciting one!

While Dota Underlords is really fun to mess around with, there are still quite a few problems that need to be resolved. Most notably, the UI on the PC version needs some serious improvements, while some of the units and alliances need a healthy dose of balance changes in order to see any real playtime.

With that in mind, I am glad to say the upcoming update is looking really interesting from a balance standpoint! As is tradition with Valve, there aren't that many details currently available, but here's what you can expect to see later today:

Warlock Alliance rework.

Warlock Units tweaks.

Shaman Alliance rework.

Shaman Units tweaks.

3 New Items.

Tweaks to the Alliance Items and how they work.

Tweaks to Win and Lose Streaks.

Large Scoreboard.

And some experimental features. 

Out of all these changes, I believe the tweaks to win and lose streaks might have the biggest impact. At the highest ranks the strategy right now seems to be all about maximizing the amount of money you get from the very start, and often this means fielding absolutely no units and just rushing towards 50 gold on the back of a giant losing streak. While certainly an effective strategy, it is also an incredibly boring one and something I would prefer to see discouraged. After all, watching how your strategies fare against other players is half the fun in Dota Underlords!

Whatever the future may bring, I'll make sure to let you know once Valve unleashes the update. I have a feeling it's going to be a pretty good one!