Dota Underlords official artwork and logo

In order to keep the experience fresh, as well as further polish up the UI, Valve has now released a rather massive Dota Underlords update. You can expect to see a whole assortment of balance changes, nerfs to loss streaks in order to curb boring playstyles, a variety of UI improvements, a couple of new items, and naturally, some lovely bug fixes.

As for the balance changes themselves, the Warlock and Shaman alliances have been reworked in order to promote alternate playstyles, while heroes like Warlock, Disruptor and Venomancer have recieved some much-needed buffs. And if you're a Techies fan like I am, you'll also be glad to hear that Techies will no longer place his bomb half a map away from the actual fight!

The only downside to this update is that the Knights alliance has not been nerfed, which means you're going to be seeing a lot of the same strategies as in the previous patch. That said, the Warlock alliance has already proven itself to be really strong if you get a couple of early upgrades, so who knows, a counter-strategy might just pop up in the next few days.

Whatever the case may be, you can find the full list of changes, as well as all of the various bug fixes, over at Steam. Have fun trying out new combos!