Valorant official concept artwork for Sage

[Update #2]: Riot has now released their plans for Valorant's future content updates.

[Update]: Valorant's Competitive Mode has now finally gone live alongside a variety of other changes.

As previously promised, Riot has now gone through Valorant and improved the performance across the board. Expect to see less FPS drops in the middle of combat, support for multi-threaded rendering which should greatly improve things for mid to high spec PCs, as well as a slight visual rework of the maps in order to lessen the CPU load. So while the exact benefits will depend heavily on your PC specs, the update should offer a nice boost across the board.

Additionally, and this really shouldn't come as much of a surprise, Sage's Barrier Orb has been nerfed. Its cast range has gone from 20 to 10 meters, which according to Riot, should still keep her strong while defending territory, but make it much harder for her to push towards the enemy's side. A sizable nerf, though I have no doubts that Sage will still remain one of the strongest agents in Valorant.

While it is somewhat hidden within the various bug fixes, it's also worth mentioning that Sova's Recon Bolt and Reyna's Leer have just received a rather sizable buff. Their area-of-effect indicators will only show up on the enemy's minimap if the player or their allies are close to the affected area, meaning you will no longer be able to tell which side the two characters are playing on purely off the minimap alone. Needless to say, this will make them significantly more threatening.

You can read a little bit more about these types of changes, as well as the various performance improvements, over at the patch notes.