Brutal Doom Update V20b adds a new 32 map-long campaign and various other improvements

I've talked about the upcoming Brutal Doom update about a week ago but despite being impressed with the increased brutality an performance improvements I wasn't aware of how much stuff was really coming with this update.

Brutal Doom v20b, despite it meek sounding name, brings with it a huge campaign spanning 32 maps, a rework and rebalance of the melee system, improvements to gib physics, destructible bodies, performance improvements and more. You can find the trailer and a quick overview right below:


The 32-map long campaign will tell the story of how the demon invasion first begun and the battles that took place once the demons poured on to Earth. A small but rather cool feature is that the maps will follow a "realistic" timeline so while the first mission will be in broad daylight you will finish with the final mission in the dead of night. The campaign is fully balanced with Brutal Doom in mind though you can download both it and the mod alone if you so wish.

Given what was showcased in the trailer the campaign doesn't just seem like a random assortment of maps with enemies strewn about, rather each one seem to be themed and quite different from what you might find in classic Doom. Just from the trailer I saw a mission that takes place in a train, one where you work together with the military in order to assault a demon base and even one where you seemingly get to call in an air strike. I don't know about you but this is giving me an itch to give good ol' Doom another playthrough.

Besides the new maps the gib physics have been improved so demon parts should be getting exploded in much more interesting ways. Along with the gib physics Brutal Doom's update will add destructible bodies so you can literally keep punching a demon until its a smear on the ground, something that would be disgusting with modern graphics but somehow seems alright with Doom's pixely visuals.

The melee system is also getting much needed improvements because back when I last played Brutal Doom I very rarely found a time or place to use it but with the new campaign and reworked melee combat who knows, it might become an interesting alternative for those that want to do things personally. And finally, the performance will be improved across the board with previously unplayable maps now running completely fine under the new v20b update.

Brutal Doom v20b will be arriving December 31 to help you cross in to new year by exploding some demons.