Brutal Doom's mod creator showcases destructible bodies and improved gib physics on a bunch of demons

You know how back in the day a lot of parents were riling against Doom because they thought it was super violet and corrupting their children? Well, with Brutal Doom let's just say their heads would fly straight off had they seen even a few minutes of it.

Violence aside, Brutal Doom is a mod that has consistently received updates for many years now, making it one of the rare few long-term modding projects. In a recently released video (embeded below) SGTMarkIV, the mod's creator, showcased upcoming improvements to "gib physics" as well as destructible bodies.


The video, as you might imagine from the title, focuses mostly on the new upgrades to destroyable bodies and gib physics and even though it doesn't look like it because you're just watching one guy constantly shooting at the floor, Brutal Doom is a rather enjoyable mod. There is something very cathartic about blasting your way through a horde of demons leaving only small giblets behind.

Which brings up an interesting point. If Brutal Doom was a mod of some far more realistic game this whole ultra-violence thing would look tacky or downright disgusting but with Doom's pixely graphics it sidesteps the issue entirely and remains simply fun.

So if you've been itching for some oldschool PC FPS action I'd suggest you either go with Turok which is being released today or grab Brutal Doom from its ModDB page and go berserk on some hellspawn!