Skull & Bones screenshot of a broadside cannon barrage

[Update]: Skull and Bones has been delayed yet again, though this time we have an actual release date - March 9th, 2023!

With the recently released Sea of Thieves quickly losing the wind in its sales, its probably for the best that Ubisoft has now announced that their naval action game Skull & Bones is getting delayed. Originally Skull & Bones was supposed to launch in the fall of 2018, but according to the latest earnings reports the release date has been pushed back to 2019.

As for the reason behind the delay, the report simply states that "Ubisoft has decided to give itself more time to develop Skull & Bones to offer players an even more engaging experience." To be perfectly honest, that's probably for the best because I don't think anyone really wants to see another mediocre naval action-adventure. After all, there is a decent amount of potential in Skull & Bones, so hopefully Ubisoft will manage to create something truly special here.

Once more details get announced I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you can learn more about Skull & Bones over at the official website. And as a final note, allow me to send you off with one of the most recent gameplay previews.

Before you dive in, just bear in mind that all of the footage is from an extremely early build and as such doesn't accurately represent the final version. The reason I feel compelled to give this warning is because the demo being showcased is a bit barebones when it comes to content, something I'm sure this newly announced delay is going to rectify. So with that in mind, I hope you enjoy the video!