The Settlers screenshot of a large, well-built city

[Update #2]: I have some bad news to deliver - The Settlers reboot has now been postponed due to negative beta feedback.

[Update]: After many delays, Ubisoft's big The Settlers reboot is launching on March 17, 2022.

Back in 2018 Ubisoft announced a brand new entry in The Settlers series, and for maximum confusion, titled it The Settlers. Originally, The Settlers was supposed to launch in late 2019, but as the release date grew closer, Ubisoft chose to push it back in order to ensure it delivers on its promises.

Quite a few months have gone by since then, but unfortunately The Settlers are still nowhere near completion. Things are going to remain like that for a while longer, since according to the latest developer update, The Settlers has again been postponed until further notice while the team works on polishing everything to a mirror sheen.

"There are so many 'The Settlers' fans out there who love the many different aspects of the game," reads the update. "Be it the economic part, the military, the look and feel, the 'wuselfaktor' or the inviting world – to name a few. We are incredibly grateful for your feedback, and over the last few months, while performing playtests and diary studies, one thing became clear: while we are on the right path to deliver a great game, we really want to deliver an exceptional gaming experience."

"Since quality is our main priority, we want to take the time necessary to make it right. Therefore, we had to make the difficult decision to postpone the release of the game until further notice. The additional time will be used to address your feedback and deliver the best 'The Settlers' game possible. While we cannot provide a new release date yet, rest assured we will keep you updated via The Settlers Alliance and our other channels as soon as we can give you further information."

While it's a bit disheartening to watch The Settlers constantly slip away, all these delays are probably for the best. After all, The Settlers series could really use a stand-out game these days, and if an extra few months is what it takes to achieve that, I'm more than willing to wait. So here's to hoping the final result will impress us all!

Whatever the case may be, you can keep an eye on The Settlers' development moving forward by hopping over to the official website.