Aviary Attorney is a detective game starring Victorian birds and UnderRail a Fallout inspired oldschool RPG

I've talked about both of these games before as they fill niches you don't often see in PC gaming these days so their presence is more than welcome, especially since both look really interesting. 

Aviary Attorney is probably best described as a detective game similar to Phoenix Wright, starring Victorian birds while UnderRail is an oldschool Fallout-inspired isometric RPG that has been in the making for years.

Allow me to give you a short introduction to each of them and why I think they are worthy of your attention:

Aviary Attorney

Gameplay is centered around the well-meaning but questionably experienced lawyer Monsieur Falcon and his chatty apprentice Sparrowson as they explore 19th century Paris and solve crimes through words and evidence rather than punching.

The thing that first drew me towards Aviary Attorney is the brilliantly done artwork inspired by J.J.Grandville's illustrations. It isn't the sort of style I've ever seen before in a game but besides the oddity it fits really well with the atmosphere they're trying to convey.

While I do plan to make a review on it I still haven't played Aviary Attorney, though from what I've heard from various convention-goers the gameplay was very reminiscent of the Phoenix Wright series which, if you don't know, are some rather well done games so I have high hopes for this one.

Aviary Attorney will be out shortly on Steam.

[UPDATE] Due to a rather big bug showing up Aviary Attorney has been delayed until Monday, December 21.



In brief, UnderRail is an isometric RPG set in a network of metro tunnels long after the surface has become uninhabitable. Much like in the old Fallout games you will get roped in to events far beyond your understanding and you will need to use your skills, wit and fighting prowess in order to get past any obstacles that might stand in your way.

The most remarkable thing about UnderRail is the sheer amount of choices you have available to you, both in terms of combat and character building as well as ways of getting through and out of sticky situations. After being disappointed with Fallout 4's RPG systems I'm now looking forward towards a deeper experience.

Like with Aviary Attorney, I plan to do a review on UnderRail, in fact its downloading as I write this, but I haven't played it yet because I never really wanted to spoil the story for myself while the game was still in Early Access. But, given the extremely positive Steam reviews, some of which date back quite a while, I am expecting UnderRail's release version to be a great homage to RPGs of old.

UnderRail is out right now on Steam.