Aviary Attorney is a detective game where the main characters are Victorian birds

I've first heard about Aviary Attorney a while back when it first appeared on Kickstarter but I have to say I was a bit close minded and I quickly dismissed it due to the ridiculous premise.

Luckily, others did not and Aviary Attorney got successfully funded on Kickstarter and will be released on Steam this December 18th. The best thing about it all? It looks really interesting.

Gameplay is centered around the well-meaning but questionably experienced lawyer Monsieur Falcon and his chatty apprentice Sparrowson as they explore 19th century Paris and solve crimes through words and evidence rather than punching.

The most striking thing about Aviary Attorney must be the art style, the likes of which I haven't seen before in game. The art, as the developers themselves have stated, is inspired by J.J. Grandville's work and I think its safe to say that they've managed to emulate his style extremely well.

Whether Aviary Attorney is good or not I can't personally tell you but I've heard from people that played it at various conventions that it is very similar to Phoenix Wright, the giant talking animals excluded. If you haven't played Phoenix Wright it is a really good series so when people compare Aviary Attorney to it in a positive way I consider that high praise.

And with the release date being only a week or so away, we'll be able to see for ourselves soon enough.