Total War: Warhammer's The King & The Warlord DLC battle screenshot

Total War: Warhammer's previous DLCs brought with them massive units and monstrous infantry, so its about time the little guys got a bit love as well. Though I wouldn't actually go and call them little in front of their face... let's just say it wouldn't end well. As you can probably expect, I am talking about the revenge-driven Dwarfs and the practically insane Goblins.

So if you're a fan of either the Dwarfs or the Greenskins you'll be glad to hear that Total War: Warhammer's second Lords Pack 'The King & The Warlord' brings with it two new Legendary Lords along with their own specific quests and items, a whole bunch of new units and unit variations, battle maps, and even a couple of new Lord types. What exactly these new units look like in action, you can find out by checking out the recent gameplay trailer:

On the Dwarf side of things we have King Belegar, the ancestral heir of Karak Eight Peaks. He has early access to the new Dwarf Rangers and is even able to attack fortified cities without building siege equipment first, meaning that his playstyle is a rather aggressive one, though he does suffer from increased unit upkeep until he finally captures Karak Eight Peaks. The Dwarfs are nothing without their grudges after all, and a king that cannot settle his own grudges is a difficult one to follow!

As for the goblins, they are lead by one of the most powerful Night Goblin in the World's Edge Mountains - Skarsnik, the chieftain of the Crooked Moon Tribe. He's a formidable fighter in his own right, but what makes him truly dangerous on the battlefield is his favorite pet, a giant Cave Squig called Gobbla. Given his years of experience as a leader of madmen he is capable of buffing his fellow Goblins, reducing the upkeep costs for Goblins, and even using Hero actions at a greatly reduced price. Naturally, all of this comes at the cost of constant rebellions from within given that the Greenskins are not the most trustworthy of allies.

If you would like to learn more about Skarsnik or Belegar, or even about all of the units coming in with The King & The Warlord DLC, I would recommend you head over to Steam. Creative Assembly has quite literally detailed every single aspect of this DLC, so be prepared to spend a good couple of minutes going over all of the features and the lore! As for the release date, you can expect to see The King & The Warlord appear at a Total War: Warhammer near you on October 20.

Total War: Warhammer The King and The Warlord Dwarf screenshot

Dwarf machinery from Total War: Warhammer