Total War: Warhammer Vampire Counts hero - Heinrich Kemmler

The two main issues with the majority of Total War games were always launch bugs and terrible AI that is more than willing to throw away any advantage it might have in favor of charging down enemies.

Thankfully, the recently released Vampire Counts vs The Empire siege battle showcases a much more intricate AI that is capable of falling back, attacking on multiple fronts, and for once, not losing. Also, plenty of skeletons and skeleton based monstrosities. Have a look, its an exciting video:


The most important piece of information in this video, besides the fact that the AI actually seems competent, is that instead of morale the majority of Vampire Counts' units have a crumbling mechanic. As they take heavy, repeated beatings the magic that once held them "alive" will slowly begin to fade, and with it the whole squad. A fair compromise when you can greatly increase your armies simply through conquest, and a hearty spoonful of black magic.

Creative Assembly have also mentioned that the Vampire Counts have no ranged units, instead they will have to rely on clever tactics and the legions of ever-eager undead to slowly grind down the enemy. While its clearly a tactical downside, I appreciate them having a unique playstyle that also fits in well with the lore, not to mention how awe-inspiring it looks when you see hordes upon hordes of zombies slowly shambling towards enemy lines. I'd imagine your enemies might have a few objections to that opinion, but soon enough they will see the light.

Total War: Warhammer will be arriving on May 24th, a slight delay from the previously announced release date, and despite the issues Rome 2 had I'm looking quite forward to it.