Total War: Warhammer Dwarf campaign

After the recent combat overview, where Orks ruthlessly smashed a bunch of disorganized humans, the Total War: Warhammer team is back once again, this time around giving us a glimpse at the Dwarven campaign.

While this video doesn't feature any combat it does showcase the technological and economic prowess of the noble, and incredibly stubborn, Dwarves of Kazar-a-Karak. Have a look:


I had a couple of issues with the recent combat overview, mostly related to how brain dead the AI seemed to be, but when it comes to the features and improvements shown in the video above I can't help but get slightly more excited for Total War: Warhammer as the developers do seem to care about it greatly.

This is the most apparent when it comes to the implementation of Warhammer Fantasy lore, especially the Great Book of Grudges, which I honestly didn't expect to see. For those of you that aren't as obsessed with Warhammer as I am, the Great Book of Grudges is the written record of every single slight anyone has ever done against the proud Dwarven race, an insult that simply cannot stand and must be avenged as soon as possible. If you think they might be overreacting, then you should probably also know that the book is written in blood, so believe me when I say, you do not want to piss off a Dwarf or it might be the last thing you do. 

Total War: Warhammer Great Book of Grudges

A detailed list of everyone that ever annoyed the Dwarves, and subsequently paid the price (click the image for a bigger version)

As enticing as all of this is, its important to keep in mind that Total War: Warhammer is still a Total War game and those have not had an issue-free launch for the better part of a decade now. What I mean to say with this is that even if you're really excited for Total War: Warhammer I'd still suggest waiting a couple of days after launch for all of the big problems to get ironed out as otherwise you're going to run out of blood before you get done with your own book of grudges.

Total War: Warhammer is releasing on April 28th, less than two months from now!