Total War: Warhammer has a new Ork story trailer

Even though the latest iteration of Warhammer Fantasy Battle (Age of Sigmar) turned out to be a gigantic middle finger to anyone that cared about the lore its still good to see Total War: Warhammer chugging along so nicely.

In a video released today Creative Assembly decided to showcase an early mission from the Ork campaign where the somewhat demented (even by Ork standards) Warboss Azhag seeks to retrieve his propa' 'ard armor from the puny 'umies. Have a look:


While the gameplay side of things seems to be the usual Total Ware fare with a bit of a Warhammer twist to it I can't help but notice that the graphics, especially on the terrain, mountains and grass look extremely muddy and poorly textured, as if from Shogun 2 or the earlier Total War games. However, on the positive side the units are well detailed and crisp, especially up close as you can see during the middle portion of the video where a horde of Orks chases a routing battalion of humans.

Graphics aside, the one thing that really worries me is the AI which even in previous Total War games was an absolute joke to fight given the myriad of, shall we say, questionable moves it would pull off. Things such as throwing away its entire cavalry in an ill fated attempt to beat the whole enemy army with it, instead of simply holding it back until the main force engages and then letting loose the horses of war to wreak havoc on enemy lines.

I do hope these sort of silly issues get fixed by the time Total War: Warhammer officially releases because a key part of any strategy game is to have opponents actually worthy of employing such strategies against.

Total War: Warhammer will be releasing on April 28th which still gives developers enough time to iron out some of the kinks and release, ideally, the best Total War game to date. Fingers and hatchets crossed.