Total War: Warhammer 3 artwork showing off the Daemons of Tzeentch

Over the past couple of weeks Creative Assembly has revealed a whole bunch of information about the daemons of Tzeentch, the forces of Grand Cathay, as well as the all-important siege rework. Now that we know the basics, it's finally time to combine the three!

So if you're wondering what a clash between Tzeentch and Cathay might look like, as well as just how multi-layered the new siege maps truly are, allow me to share with you the rather lengthy and overly dramatic gameplay preview. Have a gander:

Needless to say, the sieges are already looking significantly more interesting, at least as far as defense is concerned. With multiple levels, clear firing lines and the ability to create impromptu chokepoints, I can definitely see how a smaller army could hold off a massive invasion force. So even though defensive sieges are most likely going to be rare in an average campaign, at least they'll be memorable!

Speaking of which, I'm really curious how fleshed out attacking enemy cities will be, because that's what most campaigns tend to boil down to past the mid-game. Will we get new siege equipment or will everyone rely on just the same old ladders? Will the AI be able to handle all of this new complexity or will they once again mismanage their troops and run around like headless?

While I'd love to tell you the answers to these types of questions, I'm afraid we'll simply have to wait a little while longer for Creative Assembly to finally show their hand when it comes to sieges. Until then, I'd recommend checking out one of the earlier previews detailing Tzeentch's campaign mechanics. Unsurprisingly, they're completely insane!