Total War: Warhammer 2 in-game screenshot of Beastlord Rakarth

[Update]: Total War: Warhammer 2's final and ridiculously huge The Hammers & Herdstones update has now landed, and it's quite an impressive one!

I hope you're a fan of giant monsters, because Total War: Warhammer 2's newest free DLC is all about them! The DLC in question brings in Beastlord Rakarth, a heavily armored Dark Elf whose campaign is primarily about scouring the far corners of the world in search of fun new monsters to stomp your enemies with. Needless to say, it's pretty good fun!

In order to grab Rakarth all you need to do is head on over to Total War Access, combine your Total War account with Steam, and you'll be ready to play Warhammer Pokemon in no time. Speaking of which, there is no time limit on this giveaway, so regardless of when you stumble upon this article, Rakarth will still be up for grabs.

The good news doesn't end there, however, as Rakarth has also been accompanied by a rather awesome update. This update has beefed up the recently released Sisters of Twilight and their Forge of Daith mechanic, as well as significantly reworked both Crone Hellebron and Lokhir Fellheart's campaigns. So if you ever wanted to give the Dark Elves a try but you couldn't get over how vanilla some of their campaigns felt, this would be the perfect time to dive back in.

And as a cherry on top, the update has also nerfed the Skaven AI so they are less irritating to fight against. Not only do they have a slightly lower chance to ambush players when simply attacking them, but certain action like besieging a city or encamping will now grant you a sizable ambush defense chance as well. In other words, as long as you play it smart the rats won't be able to just randomly cut your reinforcements off and then 4v1 your main army!

If you're interested in all of the specific details, you can find the full list of changes over at the official website. Have fun, it really is a great update!