Total War: Warhammer 2: Tomb Kings Hierotitan attacking Skaven forces

Total War: Warhammer 2's Rise of the Tomb Kings DLC is set to arrive next week, bringing with it a brand new faction with a whole host of new units and mechanics to toy around with. You can expect to see four new Legendary Lords (each starting in their own little corner of the world), a new crafting system that lets you create powerful artifacts and recruit equally powerful Regiments of Renown, unique campaign mechanics that revolve around the cursed Books of Nagash, and perhaps most importantly, armies that consist of both undead warriors and absolutely gigantic constructs!

The previous videos have covered the various gameplay elements behind the Tomb Kings faction, while today's video is a little bit special as it's all about the big boys: the Hierotitan and the Tomb Scorpion. So if you're wondering what the high-tier Tomb Kings units will look like and play like, you'll find your answers right below. Have a look:

The Rise of the Tomb Kings DLC will be coming next week, on January 23rd. If you would like to learn just a little bit more I would recommend heading over to Steam as Creative Assembly has done a stellar job of highlighting all of the important units and mechanics. And finally, if you're more interested in actual gameplay footage, allow me to leave you with one of the recent campaign previews. Enjoy!