Total War: Warhammer 2 in-game screenshot of Rakarth the Beastlord

[Update #2]: Rakarth and his accompanying free update have now arrived, and as expected, it's pretty good stuff!

[Update]: It's not just Rakarth, Dark Elves as a whole are getting some major improvements with the next update!

While the next major piece of DLC is still quite a while away, you'll be happy to hear that Creative Assembly will soon be releasing a nifty freebie to tide us over. The freebie in question is Rakarth the Beastlord, a heavily armored Dark Elf Legendary Lord that is as good at slaying large monsters as he is leading them.

In gameplay terms this means that he will have free upkeep for harpies, the ability to extend the Dark Elves' Murderous Prowess buff to monsters, a whip that makes even the largest of monsters susceptible to fear and terror, as well as increased replenishment even in the middle of enemy territory. And if you're a fan of the dinosaur-riding Cold One Knights, you'll also be pleased to know that, unlike Malus, Rakarth will be able to prevent them from rampaging straight into a line of braced spearmen!

Best of all, you won't have to wait all that long in order to get your hands on Rakarth! According to latest comment from Creative Assembly, you'll be able to grab Rakarth for free from Total War Access this March 18th!

Once Rakarth goes live I'll make sure to let you know. For now, however, I'll leave you with the brief voice actor teaser. Enjoy!