Total War: Warhammer 2 Rise of the Tomb Kings official artwork

Despite Total War: Warhammer 2 being well received and having a massive fanbase, the pace of new DLC releases has been significantly slower than in original Total War: Warhammer. The two DLC packs unleashed so far, Rise of the Tomb Kings and The Queen and the Crone, are both of a higher quality than the first few DLCs from the original, but even so this situation has left a lot of people wondering whether Creative Assembly has overstretched themselves by trying to work on four games at once.

These questions have become so commonplace over the past few weeks that Creative Assembly has now come out to officially explain why the DLCs are arriving so slowly, as well what their priorities are. Unsurprisingly, their answer is that the focus is on ensuring that quality remains high, while simultaneously avoiding the DLC fatigue that occurred early in Total War: Warhammer's life.

"As a team we want to keep pushing the envelope on design and quality, whilst also bringing you new fresh experiences, but this does come at a cost, and one of time to design and implement," reads the developer update. "Sure we could do less new things and keep it more like the first game in terms of scope, to keep things coming out at a slightly quicker rate but I think we would be doing you, the lore and ourselves a major disservice."

"Likewise with the added design depth and flavour of the new campaign and battle mechanics introduced by the second game, all of this adds on that bit of extra time. Things like Army abilities and Rites simply didn't exist in the first game, but they are now staples of what is required now in the current game. The same can be said of the Vortex ritual movies in the campaign and the bold new race mechanics which are diverse across all races and now even stretch to the new individual Lords with the release of the Queen and the Crone."

While I don't particularly mind having long waits between DLCs, Creative Assembly does need to decouple their balance and bug fixing patches from the DLC releases if they're going to be coming in so far apart. Right now there is a massive reinforcement bug going on that can easily ruin your campaign by having your main army auto-walk straight into the enemy's loving embrace, and that is the sort of bug I would like to see fixed as soon as possible, rather than three months down the line.

Once more details get revealed I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you can read the full developer post over at Reddit.